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Today we will tell you about the MOJ app since Tick Talk has stopped in India since the people have got a big problem of applying for whatsapp status, people who used to make their short videos also face a lot of problems. But now the MOJ APP has come in place of tick talk, now you can put a short video on the moose app and you can download the video from it and also apply for the status.

In this post, you will tell what is this app, how to run this app, how to download this app, how to create an account in it, you will get the answers to all these questions in this post, if you need complete information about the MOJ app So read this post completely

Ever since Tick Talk has been made in our country, when WhatsApp status has become a problem for Slow, but you have come to an Indian app, which is making a splash everywhere, Sharechat is launching this app. Already exists, Share Chat has launched this app, its name is MOJ app

Millions of people are running it today, this play store is available for free, you must have missed the tick talk, but the advance level in the mouth check is more than the tick talk, the enthusiasm that you need very much
Now let us tell you what is this app

What is MOJ?

You know Tick Talk is its alternative MOJ app, it is an Indian short video making app, in this, you can create short videos and share them with everyone and you can make your fan followings bigger, in this you get all types of videos. Like the funny video, dance video, a comedy video, blog video, food video, GYM video, motivational video, educational video, and other types of videos you will get to see in it, after the tick-off, everyone started using this app.

It is available for free on both Android and ios platforms. All the features of this app are almost available from Tic Talk but there are some features that are different from Tic Talk, in this, you can also make videos of 15 seconds. After this you get a lot of effects in this app, using which you can make your video very attractive, since Tick Talk has been banned in India, now people have started comparing the Moj app with Tick Talk.

How to download moj app

This app is very easy to download, you can download it easily from google play store but you don’t know how to download, then we will tell you to step by step in full detail, we will give you some instructions which you can easily follow Can download it from

• First of all you should start internet service in your smartphone, then open google play store on your smartphone
• In the search bar of Google play store, you have to type this app
• After this app will come before you
• In front of this app you will get the option of install, you will have to click on it.
• After this the app will start being installed and after a while, it will be installed APP
• After this you can create your account and use it

You need to create an account to run it well, so we will tell you to create an account now.
how to create this app account
If you want to upload and create your short video on moj app, then you will have to create an account. If you do not create an account, you will not be able to upload your video in it, it is very easy to create an account in this, to create an account, you have a mobile number. If needed, we will now explain in full detail how to create an account

• First you download the moj app and then open it
• After opening this app, you will be asked to choose your language, select the language in it
• Now this app will take you directly to your home page, you will see many videos.
• After that you have to go to the profile of moj app
• After that you click on the option with create account
• Now ask you to enter your mobile number, please enter your mobile number
• After this, an otp will appear on the number given by you, it will have to be filled on the section containing otp.
• After this, you have to submit after this, fill all the information in your profile properly.

Your account is ready and now you can use it

Moj app features

You must have used Tik Tok a lot but now if you use moj app, then you also know its features because you know all the features of Tik Tok, it has exactly the same features but in this, you will get some features very good.

1. In the moj app, you have been given a lot of special effects and thousands of stickers for selfies, in this you have also been given a lot of magical emoticons, which is very useful for you.
2. In this, when you make your video, to make the video professional, you get very good magic filters, music which you can use for free, in this, you can also compose a video with unique music.
3. This app has a very special and very good features like you can edit your video in a professional way by filtering the entire camera, in it all the services related to editing are available.
4. It is a short video making app, you can increase your popularity by making your own video. This app gives everyone a chance to gain popularity. This is an Indian app that is safe and secure.


I hope that you have liked the information given in this post and will prove to be very beneficial for you, in this post you have been told what is MOJ app, how to download this app, How to make it, and how it works and the answers to the questions are given to you in it.

Please share this post with all your friends, family so that they can also know about it, now everyone should use an Indian app because it is a much better app than Tick Talk.
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