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YourHour App, an award-winning app, is now FREE to all users! YourHour is a free Android App that is trusted by millions of users to control their phone addiction. YourHour App is built upon a simple concept of keeping track of the various users’ time spent on their mobile phones. The app comes with many useful features that help users monitor & record app usage on their mobile phones.

YourHour App Story

YourHour has been featured in the android market scoring over 50 billion impressions. This amazing achievement speaks volumes about the popularity of this app which is highly in demand. YourHour app offers users a simple and effective way to track their daily usage across multiple platforms. It also includes various other features such as:


YourHour App provides the user with a variety of useful utilities such as: ability to track and measure overall usage across multiple devices, ability to publish custom widgets and feeds to popular social media services such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ among others, complete integration with Google AdWords, integration with Google Maps, integration with popular cloud services such as Dropbox, support for over 30 currency pairs, and many more. The Your Hour app uses the highly advanced, high performance, multitasking Android technology. YourHour app provides great value for money with its rich range of additional functionality and exciting applications. You will discover how to use your hourbook app with ease and convenience and enjoy all these benefits at no extra cost. Your Hour App comes with a free trial and is considered one of the best apps of its kind in the android market.


One of the greatest benefits provided by the hour counter application is the ability to use it as a global calendar to help you plan your entire day. It is fully integrated with Google Calendar and provides the user with the ability to set a start time, end time, and an unlimited number of start and end times. Your entire data since the last hour is displayed in the hour counter widget along with a graph that highlights your daily usage statistics.


Your Hour App includes a range of exciting features like: international currency converter, call reminder, call log, reminder dial, voicemail, fax to email, mobile phone compatibility, premium notification center, live chat, customizable widgets, customizable home screen, wallpaper change, and many more. With these highly advanced features, you can truly take advantage of the power of YourHour. You will definitely find this app is a must-have for those who are constantly working. Your Hour can help manage your time and effectively plan your entire day.


What makes YourHour App so unique is the multi-screen widget that is integrated into its interface. This widget displays the current time, your next appointment, the date, and the time your last appointment occurred. If you had any other widgets on the screen, such as calculator, weather, or translators, it would even change color when you open this one. Your Hour also comes with a great widget called Minute Squeeze that helps you quickly gather information about any specific topic area that you need for the day.


YourHour is fast becoming one of the most popular apps on Facebook, with over 11 million downloads so far. This fantastic app keeps track of your appointments and tasks, as well as a host of other essential information that you might need. Your Hour helps you organize your day, keep track of your progress, and come up with an effective blueprint for the day.


YourHour is highly addictive. The calorie burning clock widget makes your life a great deal easier by helping you stay on track to lose weight and exercise. You can also use the timer to set aside time for those extra workouts. Your Hour is one of the most versatile apps on the market. The simplicity of its design and the addictiveness of the app to make it one of the most popular apps for Windows Phone.


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YourHour App is a great time management tool to help you stay on top of your daily tasks, appointments and tasks for the week. It aims to counter cell phone addiction, and help facilitate better focus. “What’s new?” question, come sister! Features of the Your Hour App: The program keeps a record on your use, how much time you’ve spent using each of the apps, and what apps you are currently using. The program asks you several questions which reveal your most common mobile phone habits and more.

App Graphics and Visual Quality

Your Hour App has many modes, but most of them are designed to give you more freedom on your activities, such as scheduling your work hours, curbing your texting, and tracking your mileage. It uses some interesting technology to measure all these things. In its first release, the app was limited to tracking SMS usage only, as well as analyzing basic usage via its interface. After releasing version 2, the app has now gone through several major changes. The first step was adding the option to track both SMS and MMS. Now, it comes with two additional mod apk addons which enable it to measure not just SMS and MMS but also Bluetooth usage, web browsing and GPS location.


With version 3.0, your mileage will also be recorded in the European modes, while the US modes are still excluded. The new features which were added to YourHour App in version 3.0 included: The ability to see your average daily usage time on the dashboard. The ability to view your historical data for the past 30 days. You can now also see your historical data for the last seven days.


Apart from all these, here are some of the other important features that the app has to offer: The application provides easy access to a company’s FAQs, help desk options and the latest news. YourHour App keeps an extensive backup of all the essential information for your iPhone. The backup facility allows the user to retrieve any lost data in case of accidental deletion or failure. It can also recover deleted data from a secondary phone number. The phone usage and data tracker allow the user to track all his or her calls, SMS and MMS sent and received, call logs and any other activity that are taking place with the phone.


The Your Hourly Phone Addiction Review: This app might look very interesting to many, especially those who are into fitness and exercise regimes. However, this app is a lot more than just a fitness tracker. It also comes with additional features that allow the user to manage and track all his or her phone usage. The Most Widespread Cell Phone Monitoring System: If you think that tracking your cell phone usage is a big deal then you are certainly not alone. But if you still do not have a clue as to what this app can do, just read this Your Hourly App review.

Experience After YourHour Appplay

The most prominent feature of Your Hourly App is its smart clock timer. This clock timer helps you track your phone usage, track the restlessness in your office and track the time when you will reach home after a tiring day at the office. Your Hourly App comes with a great set of add-ons that can be used for premium or free subscription. The most prominent feature of this premium subscription app is the calorie counter, which comes with a calorie estimator and personal trainer profile.


The most common misconception that most people have regarding these apps is that they do not help them in achieving their fitness goals and they actually do more harm than good. These apps are meant for tracking daily usage so that the coaches or fitness instructors can measure the progress that the users have made. Your Hourly App comes with three popular workout modes namely Quick Start, Workout Set and Custom Training. The custom training mode helps you to design your own workout routine based on your own needs and specifications. The most common mistake that most people make is that they use their phone’s GPS features while working out which actually slows down their intensity levels.


Your Hourly App has a great addiction factor because it allows you to manage your fitness regime in a better way. Unlike other fitness apps, this app offers the option of customizing your workout schedule to suit your needs and requirements. If you are an addict of caffeine then you can keep track of how much caffeine you need to consume every day and also plan your daily calorie intake accordingly. If you are a heavy phone addict and want to get rid of this bad habit then this app can really help you in achieving your fitness goals.